Sloping Blocks

Small Onga Water Pump suitable for light domestic/household use Obrien Concrete Water Tanks are the sloping block specialists. We have our own excavation equipment and trucks to ensure we can get access in most conditions.

When others say it can't be built on a sloping site at your property, contact us for a quote and you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Planning Tanks on Sloping Blocks

Each situation has its own requirements so it is advisable to source information from Obrien Concrete Water Tanks before commencement of work on your tank site.

At the planning stage all that is required is to know the dimension of your chosen tank and allow sufficient space assuring that the tank will be sited on solid ground.

If you are considering an in ground tank, the depth of the excavation and inlets need to be taken into consideration. All Obrien Concrete In-Ground Water Tanks can be backfilled and the area on top reclaimed for other purposes.

Want to Know More about Building Water Tanks on Sloping Blocks?

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