Rural and Farm Tanks

Gloucester Fires (2012) be prepared for the bushfire season ... When it comes to your farm, you need to ensure that your water requirements are met at all times.

With Obrien Concrete Water Tanks you can be sure to make the most of the rain when it falls and keep your stock and property in good condition at all times.

What Type of Tank would Best Suit My Needs?

Tank requirements vary enormously from property to property and depend upon the size of the property, the intended water usage and stock levels and/or garden requirements of each property.

Generally we find that most rural properties use above ground concrete tanks above 10,000 litres in capacity, and often multiple tanks strategically located around the property.

The main reason for this is to ensure water is where it is needed (for instance, stock or fire fighting) and to ensure that water cartage, when required, is efficient and can make the most of a tanker visiting the property by taking it's full capacity.

Can Obrien Concrete Water Tanks help with General Concreting?

The staff at Obrien have been working with concrete for over 20 years and have assisted with a wide range for concreting services in that time.

Apart from concrete tanks and water troughs, we can build and repair;
driveways and paths,
concrete slabs for sheds or buildings,
retaining walls, and
other general concreting services