Concrete Tanks for Fire Fighting

Concrete water tanks are the ideal solution to water storage for fire fighting in regional Australia. Unlike poly tanks, concrete tanks are heat resistant and will not warp or collapse during a major fire event passing through the property.

This is not only important for fighting fires, but also to ensure that when it has passed there is still water available on the property for your stock and personal needs when water availability or supply may be extremely limited.

As such, any of the tanks from the Obrien Concrete Water Tanks range can help with your fire fighting needs. Generally it's best if the tank is of at least 10,000 litres capacity and at least half full to ensure you have a sufficient supply to meet your requirements at this time.

Water Pumps for Fire Fighting

Further to this, your normal household water pump may not provide sufficient flow and pressure on larger fire fighting hoses to ensure you can secure your property. If you feel your tank is likely to be used for this purpose at any time, then you must ensure you have appropriate hoses and pumps to suit.