Why Buy a Concrete Water Tank?

Concrete Water Tanks are reknown for the long life and stability, even during natural disasters such as bushfires and floods. When you need your water regardless, you can rely on concrete water tanks.

Concrete water tank under construction Five of the best reasons to purchase a concrete water tank are;

  • Water in concrete tanks is kept cool preventing algae growth
  • No added chemicals in manufacturing; no unpleasant tastes
  • Fire resistant ensuring clean water availability during natural disasters
  • Light to medium traffic can drive directly over lid of tanks
  • No joins reducing the incidence of weak spots and need for repairs

Other good reasons to purchase concrete water tanks over plastic include;

  • Concrete tanks can be installed almost anywhere (sloping sites, under driveways, garage slabs & gardens)
  • We only use high density concrete to provide increased strength and resistance to water seepage
  • Smaller tanks can be pre-fabricated and installed on-site
  • Can be buried out of site or installed above ground
  • Manufactured using only Australian Steel and concrete
  • Sound testing and quality control during construction and before being released

Service Areas

Obrien Concrete Water Tanks are based in Taree and have been specialising in the construction of high quality concrete water storage solutions for over 20 years whilst servicing the needs of Taree, Manning, Great Lakes, Hastings, Hunter, Gloucester and North Coast regions of NSW.