Concrete Tank Cleaning: Prolongs the Life of your Tank

A water tank is usually placed out of site and is then often out of mind. The reality is that most people leave cleaning their water tank until someone in the house hold (or a visitor) makes a complaint.

The NSW Health Department recommends your tank be inspected at least every two years.

Concrete Slab jacking If any of the following occurs, you may need to clean your tank;

  • Does where you live have lots of trees/vegetation growing close to the house?
  • Do the trees have "nuts" or "flowers"?
  • Are you close to a dusty road?
  • Do you have a tiled roof or a tin roof?
  • Are there first flush diverters on the down pipes?
  • Is your house in an open paddock?
  • Do you pump from a dam or a creek?
  • Is there anyone in the household having "health" issues?
  • Is there discoloration or unusual tastes in the water?
  • Does it smell when you turn on the shower?

If you would like to arrange an inspection or have your concrete water tank cleaned, please use the form on the right of the page to get in touch about your needs.