Concrete Repairs - Up to 50% Saving

Concrete Slab jacking Techniques: Find out more When concrete tanks get old and tired or start developing cracks, often people think that's the end of that and go looking for a new tank. Sometimes an older tank can spring a leak and that defeats the purpose of having the tank in the first place!

We can also repair concrete troughs and other concrete about your property including concrete slabs and driveways.

Our tank repairs use the same methods as repairs to concrete slabs or we can reline old tanks from scratch, with a cost saving over 40-50% over replacement costs.

So before giving up on your old tank, contact us because Obrien has a variety of methods for repairing leaks and stabilising old tanks.

Other tank and concreting services offered by Obrien Concrete Water Tanks include:

  • Tank cleaning: Obrien can vacuum the sludge and leaves from the floor of the tank or if required the tank can be completely emptied and thoroughly cleaned
  • Retaining walls and embankment spraying: When a home site is excavated into a hill there is quite often an ugly embankment at the back of the house Obrien can do concrete spraying so if you have a problem with erosion or just want to beautify the area then give us a call
  • Concreting (shed floors, etc): Obrien employs competent concreters and we are often asked to concrete sheds that have not previously been concreted